The Best Thai food in KL Since 1999

A Taste That You Never Forget

Savoring Japan's Culinary Artistry on Every Plate.

Taste the Artistry of Thailand with Each Savory Bite.


Imperial Chakri Palace

Chakri Palace, situated on the 4th floor of KLCC in Kuala Lumpur, is a Thai restaurant known for its exceptional culinary experience. Since its establishment in 1999, Chakri Palace has aimed to bring the finest Thai cuisine to Malaysia, paying tribute to Thailand’s royal house. The restaurant boasts accomplished Thai chefs, including one with royal palace experience.


Chakri Raintree Skybar

Perched atop Dorsett Hotel in Hartamas, Chakri Raintree Skybar offers a captivating blend of Western and Thai Fusion cuisine against a Million Dollar View of Hartamas and Kuala Lumpur.

Its inviting ambiance seamlessly fuses Western and Thai flavors, making it perfect for a memorable dining experience. Beyond just dining, it’s an ideal venue for casual gatherings, business meetings, or celebratory events.

Chakri Raintree Skybar promises not just a meal but an unforgettable experience where food, friendship, and fantastic moments converge harmoniously.


A’Fresco Trattoria Italiana

A’Fresco Trattoria Italiana, tucked away in TTDI, offers a unique fusion of Italian-inspired cuisine with an Asian twist, creating a culinary haven. The restaurant provides an inviting, relaxed ambiance coupled with captivating live entertainment, making it a sought-after dining destination.

Our restaurant is passionately dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences. On select evenings, live music fills the air, adding vibrancy to the atmosphere, perfect for outings with friends or romantic dinners. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual night out, it beckons guests to savour fusion flavours in a welcoming and lively setting.


Skyhill Fusion Restaurant

Perched atop the upscale Avante Hotel in the heart of Bandar Utama, Skyhill Fusion Restaurant reigns supreme as Malaysia’s most extensive two-in-one concept rooftop venue, commanding a sprawling 22,000 square feet.

This lavish establishment seamlessly marries culinary artistry, captivating entertainment, and awe-inspiring cityscape views, setting the stage for crafting unforgettable memories with friends and loved ones.

Whether you seek a gastronomic adventure, lively soirées, or simply wish to bask in the mesmerising vistas of the city, Skyhill Fusion Restaurant has it all.

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